HTC Status for AT&T announced on Facebook, risks being tagged in embarrassing pics

HTC Status
The HTC Status (formerly known as the ChaChaCha, the ChaCha, and "the Facebook phone that's not a Facebook phone") is inching ever closer to its AT&T debut. It's already been pictured, sashayed its way through the FCC, and now it's been revealed for all the world to see, appropriately enough, on Facebook. As we were already aware this social networking-focused, QWERTY candybar has had its CPU bumped up to 800MHz, but otherwise it's the same Sense and Gingerbread packing device we saw back in February. Unfortunately, all we can tell you is that the Status will land on AT&T shelves at some point -- price and availability are still as much of a mystery as ever. There's some refresher PR after the break.