Motorola Droid HD spotted?

Is there a new Motorola Droid model that we are not aware of? Perhaps, if this leaked Flickr photo is anything to go by. As you can see above, the image says, “..using a motorola (sic) DROID HD”. Some might discount this to be a prankster who was just messing around with EXIF tags, but going through other photos from the same Flickr user also showed that several images posted were shot using the DROID 3. Not only that, all of the photos were geo-tagged from within Motorola’s offices in Libertyville, IL, which is just off of Motorola Parkway.

No idea on what the Droid HD is yet at the moment, as it could be the new Bionic model or a totally different redesign. Some might even say it is pointing towards a large HD display, while several commenters with a sense of humor have called it “Huge Delay” or “Heavily Delayed”. What do you think?