Motorola XT860 4G is the Droid 3's curling loving cousin for Bell

Motorola XT860
Looks like someone took the Droid 3, slapped a new name on it, and shipped it north to our friends in Canada, but added one neat twist -- it's now rocking an extra "G." Officially known as the XT860 4G, Bell's version of Motorola's QWERTY slider comes packed with a HSPA+ radio that can handle the 850MHz, 1900MHz, and 2100MHz bands. That means not only can our ice-sweeping neighbors enjoy blazing fast mobile data, but they can roam the globe without sacrificing their deliciously speedy connection. Otherwise, you're looking at the same 4-inch, dual-core Gingerbread device that just launched here in the states. For the moment though, price and availability are still up in the syrup-scented air.