Nokia C5-00 smartphone updated on the quiet

Nokia’s C5-00 smartphone has just received an update, where it is now known as the Nokia C5-00 5MP. Those who are extremely familiar with technical jargon surrounding handsets would know by now that the 5MP suffix is a dead giveaway concerning the camera’s resolution. Suffice to say, the Nokia C5-00 5MP will come with a 5.0-megapixel EDoF (enhanced depth of field) camera, which is superior to its earlier 3.2-megapixel version. The camera isn’t the only enhancement thrown into the mix though, as you will get an internal storage boost from 50MB to 270MB, while the RAM amount has also doubled to 256MB.

Coming in a candybar form factor, the 2.2″ display at 240 x 320 pixels, integrated GPS and a built-in stereo FM radio were retained. Guess it took slightly more than a year for a quiet update to roll out, considering the original C5-00 was introduced in March last year. Expect to see the C5-00 5MP later this summer, where it is tipped to retail for around £120 ($192) prior to taxes.