RIM aims to launch 7 new BlackBerries this year

RIM is obviously not having the best of times recently, but it certainly hasn't lost its fighting spirit. The company plans to launch seven new BlackBerry smartphones before this year ends, which is ambitious, to say the least.

What's more, the new handsets will all be running on RIM's next-gen OS - whether that is BB OS 7 or the long rumored new OS based on QNX. That should basically be the smartphone-friendly version of the BlackBerry Tablet OS, which we really enjoyed, when we reviewed the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Of course, RIM admits that launching so many new devices in just five months will be quite challenging. The company's co-CEO Jim Balsillie has expressed his belief that they will indeed be able to release the seven new smartphones, which will enable them to meet the year's financial targets, despite the weak first two quarters.

We are quite eager to see what those products will be like. The company obviously had some pretty great ideas with the PlayBook, but that one just wasn't polished enough to become a best-seller.