Sony intros G-Series micro HiFi iPhone / iPod systems, blends retro looks with modern features

Sony's got a reputation for pumping out forwardly-designed wares,
but its new G-Series micro HiFi systems are a blast from the past -- at a glance, anyway.
Both rigs are MP3 and iPhone / iPod-compatible via USB and will be available in two different configurations.
To start, the CMT-G1BiP / G1iP feature 60 watts of RMS power with DAB packed into the former for those who find only having AM/FM is passé.
Next up, the CMT-G2BNiP / G2NiP add WiFi for getting your stream on from the Web or a PC and can be remote-controlled with a free iOS app.
The 'HiFi' moniker mixed with iPod connectivity might have audiophiles raising a brow to sound quality,
but the brushed metal console and its piano-gloss satellites are lookers none-the-less.
A single variant is currently listed on the Sony UK site, although there's not a squeak regarding cost or release dates. For now, we'll refer you to the PR after the break.