Update HTC Desire Gingerbread To Make This Month

HTC Desire

HTC confirmed about to update the HTC Desire OS to Gingerbread by this month.

HTC is going to provide the update by the end of July.

The thrilling story of the Gingerbread update on the HTC Desire will come to an end this month. After announcing the update, then denying it and then announcing it will be made available and then finally revealing that there will be some cutbacks made to the Sense UI in order to fit it on the Desire, HTC today announced on their Facebook page that the update will be made available this month.

According to HTC, the testing on the device has gone well and that they will be able to roll out the update by the end of July. No exact dates were mentioned but considering there are just three more weeks left in this month, you won’t have to wait for long as long as HTC stays true to their word.