Samsung announces 32GB microSD card capable of 12MBps write speeds

Go shopping online for a microSDHC card and you'll find that while manufacturers don't hide the speed specs,
they're not exactly crowing about 'em either. Make no mistake, though: Samsung is mighty proud of its new 32GB number,
which boasts a class 10 speed rating and read / write rates of 24MBps and 12MBps --
ideal numbers for those of you who plan on making good use of your phone's 1080p camera.
If you're a storage buff, you know that class 10 is the highest speed category for SD cards at the moment,
and that it sits above classes 4 and 6 -- the tiers covering many other microSDHCs on the market.
No word just yet on pricing, but we think it's safe to say you'll be dishing out a premium.