Chinese court sends three people to the slammer for more than a year over iPad leaks

It can be said that Apple has been one of the more successful companies when it comes to keeping secrets

of its upcoming devices, so much so that even the iPad and iPhone managed to remain under wraps for the most

part even for hours before its official launch. Some companies intend to leverage inside knowledge of upcoming Apple products,

such as Shenzhen MacTop Electronics Co., that its general manager Xiao Chengsong actually placed on the table nearly $3,000 (20,000 yuan)

and discount on MacTop products in order to bribe former Foxconn employee Hou Pengna for insider information.

Pengna contacted Lin Kecheng of Foxconn for images of the back cover of the iPad 2 from last September as a result,

which was what MacTop required so that they could start designing cases for Apple’s tablet.