Motorola i420

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  • Posted: 02 May 2011
  • Market Status: Released
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  • US carrier availability: Southern LINC - Available (Since 14 hours ago) Boost Mobile - Upcoming
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The Motorola i420 is a clamshell phone with two displays and a camera. It has FM radio, Bluetooth and push-to-talk functionality.


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Motorola i420 specifications

General info

  • Device type:
    • Feature phone
  • Network technology:

    Network technology - Referes to the kind of network technology used. Three major technologies are used today - TDMA, CDMA and GSM.

    • iDEN:

      iDEN - iDEN (Integrated Digital Enhanced Network) is a wireless network standard developed by Motorola and used by Nextel Wireless. It operates at 800Mhz, 900Mhz and 1500Mhz frequency bands and it is a mixture of TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) and GSM arhitecture. It allows the use of one mobile device as a digital phone, pager, two-way radio and fax/modem.

      • 800, 900


  • Design:

    Design - Phone design type

    • Form Factor:

      Form Factor - Refers to the form factor of a phone. The main handset designs are bar, clamshell, slide, swivel

      • Clamshell
    • Keyboard:
      • Numeric keypad
    • Soft Keys:

      Soft Keys - A multi-function key that uses part of the display to identify its function at any moment

        • Yes (2)
    • Navigation/Control keys:
      • D-Pad


  • Additional Display:

    Additional Display - Shows specs of the phone's additional display

      • Yes


  • Camera:

    Camera - Camera specs

      • Yes


  • Radio:
      • Yes
    • Type:
      • FM

Internet browsing

  • Internet Browsing:

    Internet Browsing - Capability to access special Internet sites using the mobile phone

      • Yes
    • Supports:
      • XHTML, WAP 2.0


  • Support:
    • Yes
  • Capacity:
    • Limited
  • Features:
    • Caller groups, Multiple numbers per contact, Picture ID, Ring ID


  • Calendar:
      • Yes
  • Alarms:
      • Yes
  • To-Do / Tasks:
      • Yes
  • Other:
    • Calculator


  • SMS:
      • Yes


  • Bluetooth:

    Bluetooth - Low power radio technology replacing the need for wires connecting electronic devices such as personal computers, printers, palm top computers and mobile phones.

      • Yes
    • Version:

      Version - Shows the paricular phone's Bluetooth version

      • 2.0
    • EDR:

      EDR - Refers to any special features of the particular phone's Bluetooth

      • Yes
  • USB:
      • Yes
    • Type:
      • microUSB
    • Version:
      • USB 2.0
    • Features:

      Features - Universal Serial Bus - is a plug-and-play interface for connection a computer and add-on devices such as joysticks, keyboards, wireless phones, scanner, cameras etc. USB supports hot-swap (ability to add a new device without having to reboot the computer). USB supports data speed of 12 megabits per second.

      • USB charging
  • Headphones connector:
    • 2.5mm

Other features

  • Hearing Aid Compatibility:
      • M4, T4
  • Push-to-Talk:

    Push-to-Talk - Two way radio communication which features walkie-talkie like functionality

    • Yes