Nokia WP7 device to be really awesome, supposedly


It's been a little while since the partnership between Nokia and Microsoft took place. And even then, there was no mention of specific pieces of hardware. All we knew at the time was that a device was coming in the first half of 2012.

But maybe we won't have to wait quite as long anymore. Dave Trevaskus, a Senior Training Consultant for the manufacturer, recently tweeted that the Nokia Windows Phone could potentially threaten the continuing existence of socks on our feet. 2011 is only halfway done, and if a device is worthy of stripping off your clothing, then it's probably close to being all ready to go for consumers.

To be honest, Windows Phone 7 is a fantastic operating system with just a few bugs. On top of the bugs, though, are some absolutely horrid hardware designs and decisions on Microsoft's partners' parts. Nokia, in my opinion, has absolutely beautiful designs and great hardware. WP7's Mango update being combined with Nokia's hardware has to be an incredible win for Windows Phone fans.