AT&T HTC ChaCha spotted in the wild

Remember the HTC Status, or better known as the HTC ChaCha,

which will arrive over at AT&T?

This is the first of what could possibly be a bunch of

“Facebook phones” – handsets that feature a dedicated Facebook button.

What you see here is not an official image but a leak,

where you will find the famous “F” button (implying Facebook, of course),

letting you post onto your own wall or others in a jiffy with but a single button press.

Bear in mind that this will be a mid-range handset, so do not expect all the bells and

whistles of a high end model to come along with it. It will still take some time before the HTC

Status arrives over at AT&T, and while we do not know how much it will cost, it should not burn a large hole in your pocket.