RIM ships mere 500,000 BlackBerry PlayBooks


The BlackBerry PlayBook is definitely the most talked about device here on Pocketables lately. In fact, three of us repeatedly gave our thoughts on its software and hardware, until we all had to give them back. That was based on a few things, but most of us returned the device because it just wasn't what we wanted . . . yet.

With that, RIM today released some numbers for the PlayBook that do not surprise me at all. Keep in mind that these probably aren't actual sales numbers, because RIM did use the word "shipped" during its earnings call today. RIM shipped only 500,000 units of its enterprise-ready tablet. While these seems like a lot, the PlayBook has been available for purchase since the middle of April. And although we don't like to talk about it, the original iPad sold 300,000 units in the first day.

Of course, this is RIM we're talking about. They took a beating in their smartphone division, as well. Numbers were at the very low end of the original estimates, and now, RIM is going to layoff some of its workers.