Unlocked iPhone 4 probably won't do you any good in US anyway


If you live outside the United States, then this article probably has absolutely no meaning to you. Most of you are accustomed to having unlocked iPhones available if you'd like them. But if you live in the US, then this might have a little more importance in your digital life.

Yesterday, it was leaked that Apple may start selling unlocked iPhones in its home country, and that got a lot of people excited.

As you all know, unlocked phones are phones that aren't tied to just one carrier; GSM phones can be used on other GSM carriers (in the US, that's AT&T and T-Mobile). Carriers will let you go on their contract plans with them, or you can also get off-contract plans as well. But sometimes, these plans are kind of outrageous, or they simply don't offer enough of what you need to be viable for you. T-Mobile had pretty decent plans, but as we all know, they aren't gonna be here much longer.

So, for me, these unlocked iPhones will likely be nothing more than more expensive equivalents of what I've already got, an AT&T iPhone. If T-Mobile and AT&T weren't merging, I probably would've given more thought into taking the unlocked route when the iPhone 5 came around.

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