Nokia N5 spotted with Symbian Belle running

Don’t you just love the Internet that has its ability to make a leak go global due to man’s curious nature? One of the latest leaks concerns the house of Nokia, where it is the Nokia N5 which has been spotted to run an updated version of the Symbian Belle software, touted to be the first handset to do so. Here is a little bit of trivia just in case model numbers are your cup of tea – the Nokia N5 is also known as the RM-701.

The Nokia N5 or RM-701 does seem to ship with a 3.2″ capacitive display coupled with a 5-megapixel camera with a LED flash. This seems to trend towards it being on the lower end of things, so you can more or less expect it to come on the cheap if it arrives Stateside, or perhaps even for free on some carriers – who knows?

As for the Symbian Belle, its latest update will feature an improved user interface, an upgraded browser, a new homescreen with free form widgets, a new pull down notification bar in the same vein as the Android operating system from Google, alongside a bunch of other performance upgrades. No need to start saving up for one if you’re interested, as we mentioned earlier, it shouldn’t cost much and might even be an impulse purchase.