Dual-screen LG Android phone shows up in the wild, poses more questions than it answers

A little shindig held by Orange in the UK has unearthed a T-Mobile-branded LG device that we've never seen before.

It features a display of moderate size and resolution, which slides up to reveal a split QWERTY keyboard and yet another color display.

The hidden visualizer is apparently used as an app-launching shortcut repository, though other details remain frustratingly light.

Kineto Wireless were the company to bring this unannounced LG handset to the party, along with a bunch of others intended for the US market,

and the rep on hand dropped the name Flip II to the Pocket-lint sleuths. There's also the possibility that what we're eyeing is the LG Maxx Q,

which has popped up on a recently leaked T-Mo USA roadmap, though that Android 1.6 wallpaper could mean that this is just an aged prototype

that never saw the light of retail day. Which would be a darn shame, if you ask us. Give the source link a bash for more pictures.