HTC EVO 3D will not have Full HD video recording capability

We live in a high definition world these days, and there are plenty of Full HD devices running around out there,

with the chief culprit being those huge flat screen TVs.

Smartphones are not too far behind either in terms of capturing High Definition video,

with most of them doing just 720p instead of 1080p that is found in Full HD – and the upcoming

HTC EVO 3D is one of them that fall under the former category unfortunately.

This is a bummer, since the HTC EVO 3D on Sprint was originally touted to feature

3D video recording at 720p, while standard 2D recording is done at Full HD 1080p.

The specifications seem to have taken a knock, as video recording for both specifications have been

knocked down to 720p, 3D or no 3D.