iPhone POS Device Spotted In Nordstrom

iPhone POS Device Spotted In Nordstrom: "

Mobile checkouts are the new thing. Nobody likes to wait in line to pay for an item especially if it’s an item you were on the fence about,

and standing in the line gives you time to think about it.

Maybe stores have started to realize that and decided that mobile checkouts are the way to go,

plus the fact that it’s so much more convenient and you could basically arm every salesperson with

the POS (point of sale) device and have multiple checkouts going on at once.

Well it looks like Nordstrom is one of those stores and judging from the photo above they have adopted

the iPhone to be used as their POS device which not only allowed the salesperson from conducting a transaction with the device,

but at the same time allow them to check whether they had a certain item in stock and all of this was done via the iPhone.

Customers can apparently also choose how they want to receive their receipts and one of those ways was via e-mail.

It does seem like a novel idea but we’re guessing it’s only a matter of time before it starts catching on,

especially in larger retail stores where the lines at the checkout counters get insanely long during the holiday seasons,

so having salespersons roving about with a POS device could prove to be a way to start cutting down on those long lines

and no more having to wait for a salesperson to run to the back of the store to check whether those pants come in your size.