Nokia Connection starts tomorrow, N9 and more to be announced

The Nokia Connection event kicks off tomorrow in Singapore at 10am local time. Nokia is expected to unveil a lot of devices there - the N9, Asian models of a few available smartphones, possibly the N950 MeeGo device plus more.

Hopefully, the Nokia Connection event will help Nokia step back on its feet. Lately, they haven't been at the top of the game and things are bound to get even worse before they get better. Nokia has lost its charm in the top tier and the outlook for this year is not all roses and sunshine.

The Nokia Connection keynote starts at 10:00am local Singapore time. That makes for the following local times:

  • 10:00pm New York time, June 20 (later today)
  • 03:00am London time, June 21 (tomorrow)
  • 07.30am Delhi time, June 21 (tomorrow)

You can catch the event detailed program here.

Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO, will be there to "set the stage for a number of exciting Nokia product and service launches." Several VPs will take it from there and will introduce "the global launch of brand new mobile devices and related services".

The Nokia N9 launch confirmed, sort of

It's almost sure that the Nokia N9, codenamed Lannku, will be one of the event highlights. The device has leaked numerous times before, but today it appeared (for a while) in the source code of the official Nokia Vietnam website as an alternative tag to the image banner announcing tomorrow's event.

More Nokia devices rumored

Rumor has it that we will see a lot more devices there - the MeeGo-based N950 with hardware QWERTY keyboard, the unknown E7-03, T7-00 (same as N8, but with 8 megapixel camera and meant for the Asian market), 720T (Asian E6), 602T (Asian C7), 601T (Asian C6-01), N8-01 (an N8 "Real Steel" successor), the C2-02 and C2-06 Touch and Type sliders, and a bunch of unknown models such as the C2-03, C2-05, C2-07, C2-08, C2-09, C3-03, X2-02, X2-03 and X2-05.

There are two Windows Phone 7 devices in the cards too - W7-00 (with QWERTY keyboard) and W8-00 (camera oriented). We might also be lucky to see the long rumored Nokia tablet (Z500) and even something bigger than the N9 and the WP7-handsets - a mysterious Nokia S flagship.

Well, that's the whole rumor roundup. There are only a few hours left until the Nokia Connection starts. Just don't set your hopes too high, there is a Nokia World later this year and Nokia will surely save the best bits for then.

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