Nokia N9 is official

Nokia presented/displayed Nokia C2-03 and already Nokia demonstrated to Symbian Ana but the great protagonist of Nokia Connection 2011 was smartphone who we hoped and whose photos filtered hours ago: Nokia N9 with MeeGo!

From Nokia define to the N9 like “first smartphone tactile pure that it has to do with making the things simplest” where the navigation interface “is done with a simple gesture, the sliding of a finger” since at any time which you are in an application only it has deslizarte from the edge to return to the main screen.

Nokia N9 has a design unibody of polycarbonate (that inaugurated the N8 in the company) with a touch screen of 3,9 inches AMOLED curves that “it makes seem that the applications are literally floating in the screen”. Ah, almost forgot to me, Nokia N9 is the telephone without no frontal button: you unblock the telephone with doing double touches in the screen. In addition, they assure that this manufacture allows that you can take hold it without losing quality of voice nor reception at no moment anyway (they gave a wood him to antennagate of iPhone 4 in the presentation).

Between the characteristics of Nokia N9 with MeeGo also they stand out the camera of 8 mpx with optical Carl Zeiss, autofocus, dual flash LED and lenses of 28mm supporting photos with resolution of 16:9, recording of continuous video HD with autofoco, support for Dolby Headphone and Digital Dolby Extra, WiFi Hotspot and technology NFC.
Nokia N9 is official
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Still Nokia did not reveal a price nor date of launching considered (they only said “later this year”) but Nokia N9 will come in black, they back water and magenta, and in 2 versions, one of 16GB and another one of 64GB.

As far as MeeGo, it includes several questions than interesting more:
* 3 views of home: 1 Applications; 2 Events for social networks and notifications of calls, messages, calendar, etc, and; 3 Open applications to change between all the applications in use.
# Multitasking
# You can make pinch and zoom lens in the screen to see 4 or 9 icons of applications
* Navigator with technology Webkit 2 with support for HTML5
* Last the Nokia Maps(Nokia N9 is official) including