The Sakshat 32GB Android Tablet Is Back

Earlier this year we reported that the Sakshat Android tablet might be getting scraped due to

the Indian government having difficulty keeping to their promise of delivering a cheap tablet to the market

and to further subsidize the already cheap tablet (which was priced at $49 at the time of reporting) to a mere $25 for local Indian students.

Well good news for those students and residents of India because it looks like the device has not totally been scrapped just yet.

In fact it’s back and already 10,000 units have already been shipped out although instead of the $25 price tag,

it looks like it has been upped back to $49 again, although for $49 we’re finding it really hard to complain.

So what exactly do you get for $49? For starters we can’t say we expect much from a $49 device,

but regardless the device will come shipped with 32GB of built-in storage, 2GB of RAM and features a front-facing camera,

USB ports and also comes with WiFI support. No word on whether we will be seeing this tablet go international but if it does,

we certainly do not expect to see the same $49 price tag.