Sony Ericsson to launch Android NFC phones

Sony Ericsson logo
NFC (Near Field Communication) is an up and coming technology in the US but at the moment

there aren’t many phones on this side of the world (it is huge in Japan) that can take advantage of it.

Phones with NFC capabilities are only starting to show up and the Google Nexus S is pretty much

the only phone that supports it right now. But with Google Wallet recently introduced,

along with NFC payment systems across the country, manufacturers are starting to implement the feature into their phones.

The latest vendor to join the party is Sony Ericsson. The company has been reported to have picked its supplier for NFC controllers

that will be implemented in its upcoming smartphones. NXP will be providing Sony Ericsson its NXP PN65 NFC solution which includes

the radio controller, embedded secure element and NFC software for Sony’s new Android NFC-capable phones. No word on whether

the NFC phones will be updated versions of its current phones (like the Xperia Arc that was fitted with NFC for its Japan release)

or it’ll be in brand new phones, but we do know that Sony Ericsson has hopped on the NFC bandwagon.

Expect all the other phone manufacturers to do so in the near future if they haven’t already.