Windows Phone 7 "Mango" update seen running on the HTC HD7 and HTC 7 Mozart

Windows Phone 7
As if to prove that the Mango update for WP7, with its 500+ new features, big and small, is coming pretty soon, the new version of Microsoft's mobile OS has appeared in the wild on a couple of existing WP7 handsets, not only on the development phone.

First off, an HTC HD7 was caught on video at Computex 2011, running Mango, and we are embedding that footage below. The handset already had a four-day promotion at the price of free on T-Mobile, so this will be good news to everyone who got it during that time.

Next was Alessandro Teglia, the Community Program Manager for CEE & Italy, who tweeted that he is using Windows Phone 7.5 on an HTC 7 Mozart, and also running Bing Music Search on it, which obviously works outside of the US and UK, too. Now it's time to see some of Samsung's and LG's WP7 handsets running Mango, so their owners can sleep peacefully at night.

source: WMPU