How would you change HTC's Thunderbolt?

Alright -- we know what you're thinking. If ever there were a smartphone to talk changes on,

would be it. As conventional wisdom tends to say, buying the first of anything is always a risk,

and Verizon Wireless' first mass market LTE smartphone has seen its fair share of troubles.

From battery life to spotty 4G connectivity, the Thunderbolt's glowing launch has been

overshadowed by the months that followed, and now we're eager to see just where early adopters are at.

If you've picked one of these up with the hope of it changing your life, well... has it? And for the better?

If you had the power to retool anything about the Thunderbolt, what would it be?

A bigger battery (along with a larger chassis)? Launch a 3G-only version? A qHD display?

Go ahead and speak up in comments below, but keep it reasonable, cool?