SceneTap app analyzes pubs and clubs in real-time, probably won't score you a Jersey Shore cameo

So, here's the skinny -- when SceneTap launches in a month or so,

it'll provide Android and iOS users with a frightening amount of analysis

before you hit the town. As the story goes, the startup will be tapping

into an infrastructure of cameras spread across an untold quantity of bars.

The goal? To provide a real-time snapshot of what the demographics

are at any location on any given night. According to the company,

demographic information, social commentary and 'other comprehensive features'

will be shown, all of which will help people decide where they'd like to go.

For the privacy freaks, they'll (hopefully) be comforted by the fact that no actual

recording is going on, and each person is tracked anonymously.

Hailed as a 'new type of social network,' SceneTap will initially cover 50 clubs,

and of course, there's no DUI checkpoint feature for those hoping to do something

as impractical as drink and drive afterwards. Head on past the break for

the rest of the deets, and be sure to ping the company if you're hoping for

a Snooki Sighting push alert in version 2.0.