HTC Holiday

The HTC Holiday is the new rumor that there is on a new Smartphone Android of HTC, although is not many confirmed details available on the matter.
Reason why it is known until now, the HTC Holiday - that would not be their official name but its key name, would leave on sale with the operator of the United States AT&T.
Reason why it is possible to be seen of the photos that and leaked, the HTC Holiday could be the new version of the HTC Aryan, that already is recognized in AT&T, although also 4G is looked a little like the HTC Inspire.
In the details that we can see of the filtered images, it is deduced that the HTC Holiday would count on connectivity 4G/HSPA WiFi and it is even spoken of which would count on LTE. Other rumors would speak of Android 2.3.4, Dual processor Core 1,2 Qualcomm MSM8660 to GHz, screen of 4,5 ″ with resolution of 540×960, main camera of 8 megapĂ­xeles and 1,2 frontal camera of megapĂ­xeles, among others things.
HTC Holiday
To only it remains to wait for that confir us the official name to me and that knows all specifications exactly.