MeeGo 1.2 is official

New version of MeeGo 1.2 already is official and agrees with the increase of rumors about Nokia N9 with MeeGo of which recently a publicity filtered that soon they erased. It seems all a campaign on which Nokia insists on maintaining the mystery on the Nokia N9.
The new version of MeeGo “provides a solid base for the developers and salesmen of devices that allow them to begin to create software for diverse categories of devices with Intel Atom and ARMv7 architectures ″.
Some of the new outstanding characteristics are:
* Kernels of reference of MeeGo with support for one the mentioned platforms Intel Atom and ARMv7.
* APIs with additional capacities in location, system, connectivity and sensors to develop better applications.
* Improvement of telephony and capacities of connectivity, including: support for networks GSM, GPRS and HSPA+, SIM Application Toolkit, expanded profiles of Bluetooth, wireless methods of improved authentication and VPN, capacity for tethering by USB, WiFi and Bluetooth and finally support multimedia improved with RTSP.

In order to continue with the custom to remove to an update every 6 months, MeeGo 1.3 would have to be sent in October of this year and they are already working in it.